31 Celebrity Children That Are Good For Nothing

Jaycee Chan and Jackie Chan

#29 Jaycee Chan

(Son of Jackie Chan)

Actor Jaycee Chan, the son of Hollywood star Jackie Chan, has been arrested on drug-related charges.

He and Taiwanese movie star Kaio Ko were detained, with more than 100 grams of the marijuana drug found at Chan’s home.

He receantly served six monts behind bars after being caught with drugs.

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2 Responses

  1. LisaK says:

    I can’t believe that Michael Jordan’s son was arrested!

    A legend like Michael doesn’t deserve such an idiot for his son!!!

  2. Benjamin Frazier says:

    If this list were recently updated, this would include Max Landis, the son of John Landis. Where John Landis was one of the best comedy filmmakers with beloved comedy movies like Animal House and Blues Brothers, his son Max is another example of good for nothing children. The recent allegations of sexual misconduct are enough to put him on the list.

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