20 Highest Paid Models


#19 Jourdan Dunn, $3.5 Million

She may be a newcomer in the modeling world, but that has not stopped her from earning $3.5 million every year through contracts.

Currently, she models for well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Maybelline, Ann Taylor, Burberry, Pepe Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger.

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  1. Gobluetoo says:

    Wow, she makes more than Tommy which convinces me he sold his sold to the devil. God could have made him goofy looking like Payton Manning, but he made him handsome. He went to the winningest College football school (Michigan)….was starting QB and captain (though difficult times). He had to wait to get drafted…that’s probably when the sale happened. He’s been to 6 and won 4 Super Bowls…and an ALL PRO got injured so he could be the starter…’nuff said.

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